Does Your Goal Match Your Personality?

January 16, 2020


Have you set any new 2020 goals yet?


Most people like to set them around the beginning of January, but I like to settle into the new year a little first. If you're like me, then you need some time to get back into your groove before you feel prepared to tackle changes and challenges. 


You see, I'm a Type B personality. I'm not lazy, but as an Empath, I just need some recovery time between projects. Also, studies have shown that if you're an introvert, then your brain needs extra time before switching tasks vs those who are extroverted. I know this about my personality, and I make sure that I don't overschedule myself. Otherwise, I can become anxious. Does that sound familiar?


I work with my personality when scheduling my to-do list and keep a realistic tally over what I think I can achieve. Also, I don't strive for perfection. Rather, I try to follow the theme of "done is better than perfect"! 


Author Denise Duffield-Thomas calls this a Chillpreneur lifestyle. Her philosophy is create a business and lifestyle that works with your personality. With that in mind, have you re-examined your goals to make sure that they match your predisposition or personality?


For example, if I were to wave a magic wand over you and suddenly make you a millionaire, what is the vision you have in your mind? Is it a really fancy life? Is it filled with designer clothes, champagne, vacations, a large house, and new fancy friends? Does that excite you or make you cringe a little?


Well, I've played this game and it both excited me AND made me cringe! I don't necessarily consider myself a fancy person. Sure, I can probably get used to some things in that millionaire lifestyle, but others just aren't a natural match for me. I don't like wearing high heels, I don't need a large house, and I like being casual.  In my mind, there's so many expectations attached to a "fancy" lifestyle. Here's the really interesting part.....because my vision of being a millionaire was filled with things I didn't necessarily want or need, my subconscious and unconscious might take this as a cue to block me from becoming a millionaire to keep me safe!!!! Crazy, right?


So, if you're a Chillpreneur like me, then it's important to shift your thinking and give yourself permission to be a millionaire even if you're wearing yoga pants, t-shirts, eat nachos, and live in a tiny house. The same goes for any goal you might have. Unfortunately, so many books about achieving your dreams, goal-setting, and entrepreneurship are written by Type A personalities. I've tried to implement the tips, tricks, and systems by those "gurus" and all it did was make me super stressed! Why? Because their advice wasn't a match for my personality. Now, I'm all for doing things that put you out of your comfort zone and lead you on new paths of growth. However, there's a big difference between being slightly uncomfortable trying something new, and doing something that's not a good match for you because you think you should. 


There is more than one path to success. I believe that you CAN make your dreams come true and reach your goals. Proper planning, taking appropriate action steps, setting boundaries and working with your natural personality will make you more comfortable as you design a life that's best for you. 







Dr. April Darley is an expert at resolving stuck patterns of behavior through Neuro-Emotional Technique (N.E.T.). By identifying self-sabotaging behaviors, she can help you regain confidence, improve relationships, remove blocks to health, wealth and success in any area of your life.


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